The Creative Difference


It's our guarantee to you. Not only will you and your COMPANY see a difference, but you won't be happier with another company. We've been

in the business for MANY years, and that's given us a chance to make sure

that our quality is up to a standard that others just can't compete with.

Which also means that it's a quality you'll not only see, but you'll appreciate it.

The decision is clear, and we're here to help you design your dreams.


Please allow me to understand your current needs and provide you with Solutions to keep YOUR Company  ~ top-of-mind ~ with your existing and future clients.

-At Your Service.

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CONSULTING & Apparrel & Signage

Why IdeaGirl?

Paula C. Huband, IdeaGirl

 - Paula C. Huband, a.k.a IdeaGirl

IdeaGirl Solutions, LLC

Providing IDEAS that WORK!

IdeaGirl Solutions LLC

25 Years of Experience...I've been doing this for a really long time and I pride myself on making sure your print needs are not only met, but exceeded. 


  • Printing
  • Promotional Products
  • Apparel & ALL Wearables
  • Complete Layout & Design
  • Signage
  • Direct Mail - Every Door Direct Mail
  • Fulfillment & Storage
  • Trade Show Materials
  • Consulting for Existing & New Businesses

How To Select A Partner in the Printing Process:


Selecting a PRINTING COMPANY can be excruciating difficult. For one, how do you know they're qualified to help assist you with deciding what PROJECT YOU have in mind? And then there's the worry that they won't show up, or worse, they rare not on time.

Here's a few ideas to help you:


  1. Make sure your printer offers a wide range of colors you can choose from. Ideally, they should be able to create any color your heart is set on.
  2. Make sure they go over with you exactly how they are going to prepare your files and pre-print proofs for the job you have hired them to do.
  3.  A final proof is essential. If your company doesn't offer one, ask them to hold one for you. Make sure everything has been reviewed, paper or product samples evaluated for quality and that your PO is approved for delivery date.